Rain City’s first release on new label ‘Love & Other’ - something to keep an eye on if this is anything to go by!

I can almost smell the sea and feel the summer breeze listening to this latest offering from Lenno! Amazing break half way through, super nice!

Great new single from Chet Faker’s debut album. Deep, groovy and awfully catchy! Enjoy ‘1998’

Oh man, this is sweet. I’d only ever post a Bob Marley remix if it was done properly, and this very much is. While taking nothing away from the timeless tune, this remix by Montmartre adds a modern, chilled, dubby smoothness that’s just irresistible. One Love.

Wow I’ve been missing out on some awesome new music lately. Grum is back with another stormer of a remix of Sigma’s ‘Nobody to Love’. Heavy on the vocal but it works, well.

How can I NOT like this? Fare Soldi does Stardust’s timeless classic.

Oh my goodness this is amazing. Fantastic take on the Miami Horror original. Wow

The less I linger…

Maybe we’re just playing house… just cause it feels good :(

New track from BeatauCue’s upcoming release. Slick, straight up house tune with a chubby bass line. Volume!